Download PPSSPP Gold for PC

You must be a gamer who spends more time on PC. How do I know this? Because my brother is the same as you. He always talked to me saying how would it be great if we are able to play PPSSPP games using the gold version on PC.

So, I thought, why not share the PC playing guide for all these types of people? That’s why, I am very excited to share the guide with links to solve this problem. Be prepared to experience the gold version on PC.

Things You Need to Run PPSSPP Gold on a PC

Here I am, sharing the tools you need before jumping into the installation process. Here is all you need:

  1. Download the Android Simulator like Bluestacks. (Click Me to Download Bluestacks Installer)
  2. Download PPSSPP Gold from my website. (Click Me to Download PPSSPP Gold APK)
  3. Your favorite games ROM file. (You can explore my collection here:

That’s it, These two things you need that’s it. Now let’s go to the process of playing the setting up and installing.

How to Install an Android Emulator

download bluestack

    1. After downloading the Installer run it and complete the instructions on the screen.
    2. When the emulator is set up, sign in with your Google account or create an account as per your preference.

    3. Now install/load the PPSSPP Gold APK in the Android emulator.
    4. After installation load the Rom/ISO file which you downloaded earlier.
    5. That’s it, now you can play PPSSPP Gold games on your PC for free.

Some Pro Tips by Me

I have gathered some pro tips for you to enhance your experience of playing games on PPSSPP. Let’s explore:

  • Go, to settings of PPSSPP Gold.
  • Now adjust graphics to smooth the experience. You can turn on off as per your personal preferences. Don’t be shy to test things.
  • Adjust the audio settings by going into audio tab.
  • I have shared the screenshot of my personal favorite settings.

Customize Your Emulator Settings